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Feb 1, 2015 ... The final piece in the fret slotting system is the saw blade to cut the proper width slot for the fret tangs. These blades are usually 6” diameter with ...

1 – Saw Kerf. The kerf of the saw is the cutting width of the blade, so it determines the thickness of the slot you will cut. The saw you use, and the fret slot you ... Cutting Fret Slots - YouTube How I acheive perfect fret slots using a fret scale template with a miter-slot jig in my table saw fitted with a 23mil fret slotting blade. How to cut fingerboard fret slots - Home Made Miter Box ...

By pushing the saw up against it, I was able to use it as a cutting guide as I cut the fret slots with my dozuki saw. The saw isn't any special saw, just a saw with a very fine kerf.

I’ve been doing research and everyone has been using a .024" bit to cut the fret slots. So naturally I did this. .024" end mill, DeWalt 611 speed set to 1, approx 10 ipm, .01 doc. The issue I’m having is it cuts the slot way to wide, even though it’s cutting a simple straight line. To try and correct this, I bought a .020" bit… same thing. Fret Slot Cutting. | The Jarrahdale String Instrument Company yah, the stewmac saw. Most of the systems I have come up with are a bit different. They all work well but the fret slot cutting technique works best. Mulga is very very hard and heavy and using this system, the slots are cut without any chipping at all. I have cut about 30 fretboards and the despite the blade only being HSS it is still very sharp. The Guitar Maker's Backsaw for Cutting Fret Slots

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The Hosco Original Fret Slot Saw. This saw cuts on pull stroke to avoid blade flexing so you can cut fret slots accurately. A perfect saw for luthiers who make ... sliding miter saw or Radial saw for cutting fret slots?? - Jemsite I need a quicker way to cut the fret slots on my fingerboards because the stew mac fret saw jig/cutter is too much work! I thought the saw would ... Fret Saw - Luthiers Mercantile This fine-tooth backsaw (20 fully set teeth per inch) quickly cuts through Ebony, Rosewood or anything in between leaving a clean and precise fret slot. It has a ... How to Fret an Electric Guitar with a Bound Fretboard - Guitar Repair ... Take a fret slot saw like the one shown below (picture coming ... A traditional saw would cut straight through the binding.

Saw For Cutting Fret Slots. saw for cutting fret slots Dec 30, 2017 · Paul the tracing above labeled Danny Marlin was my first custom knife about 20+ years old, and it was my go to knife for most of that time. its made of L6 from a recycled circle saw blade ( I dont think M4, AEB-L and some of the other super steels were around then) and its just as sharp and works as well as when it was new ...

My guitar fretboard slotting jig is one of the most popular jigs that I teach in my book on acoustic guitar making. This is more of a fretboard duplicating jig, because it makes exact copies of any existing fretboard that you already have in the shop. Fret Slotting Mitre Box | GMC Luthier Tools After cutting the fret slots, reposition the fingerboard so that the saw blade cuts the opposite side of the desired nut slot. (The board should be clamped in its temporary position). As shown below, the jig will ensure the slot sides are parallel.